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About Cyber Security Awareness(CSA) Project

“Creating mass cyber Security awareness among schools, colleges and government employees through appropriate training and campaign mechanism in North-Eastern States of Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura”

Implemented by:
NIELIT Aizawl, Kohima and Agartala. Funded by Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Govt. of India.

Nature of the Project:
Capacity development and awareness creation.

Objective of the Project:
Today, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) through Internet has revolutionized the world changing the whole paradigm of communication and exchange of information. Home users, students and school children, arte utilizing the Internet to expand their horizons to learn, create identities and be a part of the society. However, there is a need to know how to use all the features provided by ICT in a safe manner without getting compromised with regard to privacy of personnel information, maintaining secrecy of information and creating trust in the computing environment.

There has been a significant increase in cyber attacks and cyber crimes exposing users particularly children to risks such as access to personal information leading to misuse, cyber bullying, sexual exploitation etc.Therefore,making the users to understand the risks/impact of cyber crime or cyber attacks is an important first step towards building a secure information society.

Many schools have introduced computer courses and Internet in the curriculum enabling the students to access Internet with the intent to impart Computer education and share knowledge. However school children are ignorant about the cyber threats associated with unsafe use of Internet. As children are the ones who are more prone to cyber crimes, it is essential that they should be given awareness at the early age. Therefore, it is important to include subject/topic on cyber security and cyber ethics in their curriculum.

Looking at the growing importance of Information security department of Electronics and Information Technology has indentified this as a critical area. One of the key activities under this area would be to widely generate information security awareness to student of school and colleges in a planned manner. This project aims to address the gaps with respect to cyber security awareness particularly in the North-Eastern Region of the Country.

It is proposed to develop and disseminate through appropriate mechanisms standard modules and materials on cyber security awareness in local language s of the respective states school and college students and government departments through NIELIT in North-Eastern Region states of Nagaland, Mizoram & Tripura.

The detail activities for meeting the above objective are:

    • To partner with educational groups, schools, teachers, colleges and Universities to develop and distribute materials to students with a view to raise awareness of appropriate cyber security behavior while using computers and Internet.
    • To provide cyber security and ethics curriculum and explore opportunities for introducing awareness contents as part of the courses.
    • To conduct faculty training programs for school and colleges.
    • Setting up cyber security web portal and implementing help line through the portal.
    • To organize cyber security discussions/talks on T.V./ Radio.
    • To publish cyber security awareness articles and advertisements in newspapers and magazine of the Northeast.
    • To develop and distribute audio and video CD on cyber security.

Expected outcome in physical terms (as applicable)

    • Translation of cyber security awareness information available from various sources including CDAC Hyderabad( Implementing ISEA project of Deity) into respective languages.
    • 75 schools and 45 colleges/ITIs/Polytechnics students of NE states to be trained in 2 days trainings on cyber security and cyber ethics in batch size of 50 (fifty) within 18 months.
    • 75 master trainers will be trained on cyber security and cyber ethics from the identified schools and colleges.
    • 450 Government employees to be trained in one day workshop on cyber security and cyber ethics in batch size of 50 (fifty) within 18 months.
    • Web Portal to disseminate the information on cyber security and secure use of Internet and securing PC to the general masses will be set up.

Duration of Project:
18 months